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  • Contributors

    Industry-leading experts, beer tasters, reviewers and illustrators.

    Mark Dredge


    The award-winning writer

    of 'Craft Beer World' and 'Beer & Food', withhis third book, 'The Best Beer in the
    , published in October 2015.

    Erin Bottomley

    Our Editor-In-Chief with a passion for all things craft beer and an MSc in Publishing. Also heads up the busy world of Beer52's social media.

    Matthew Curtis


    London-based freelance beer writer and speaker.  In 2014 he co-authored 'Craft Beer: The100 Best Breweries in the World'.  He is currently working on
    the follow up, '
    Beer & Craft: Britain’s Best
    Bars and Breweries'
    . He is the author
    of beer blog
    Total Ales.

    Melissa Cole


    Certified Cicerone®, beer & food writer and one of the UK’s leading beer experts.  Author of 'Let Me Tell You About Beer', international beer judge, collaboration brewer, sommALEier and regular festival presenter.

    Fraser Doherty MBE

    Co-founder of Beer52, amateur home-brewer, avid traveller, jam-maker and author of two books.  

    Jordan Harris


    A recently qualified freelance journalist and beer writer residing across the Severn where he is drinking his way through the great ales of Wales. He is the author of 'The Grill & Barrel' blog and dabbles in street food with his hot dog pop-up shop, 'Drunken Sailor'.

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    Is craft beer a healthier option over mass produced watered down commercial lagers?

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